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Jan 02

A New Year!

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The new year brings all sorts of hope and promises. We make resolutions, we clean out and donate, we feel full of optimism. All good! what someones happens, stop me if you've heard this one, we slide back into old habits and forget about all the changes we promised ourselves!


I have been  guilty of that as well but the one promise I've kept is purging the house of harmful chemicals and using environmentally safe products. It's easy and makes you feel so good!!! If any of you are interested in doing the same thing, contact me at 402-533-2217 and I can help you get started.

Feb 27

Bothered by RoboCalls?

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Do Not Call and Robocalls

Don't you just hate robo calls--the calls that don't have a live person at the end of the line? If you don't want these calls just hang up. You may not be able to prevent them if they come from a non-profit or political entity. What you DON'T want to do is 'press any key' to opt out or be transferred to someone to complain about the call. What you're doing to verifying that yours is a working number! Just hang up if it's a recorded call and make sure your number is registered on the Do Not Call to eliminate calls from telemarketers. Go to www.donotcall.gov. You'll reach the FTC which handles the list. Your number is not automatically removed but it does get removed. Also works for your cell phone!

Nov 04

Fall 2013

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What a beautiful time in Nebraska and Iowa--Fall! The leaves have begun to turn beautiful shades of red, orange and yellow. What is especially beautiful is the Burning Bush which is a spectacular red. Enjoy it folks, winter is right behind! Tomorrow may be blustery and cold!
Oct 09

Quirky Facts About Nebraska

Posted by elizabethnelson in Moving to Nebraska


The World's Largest Kool-Aid Stand is set up every year in Hasting Nebraska.

Carhenge in Alliance is a sculpture made up of car bodies patterned after Stonehenge.

There 's a huge porch swing in Hebron. 24 people can swing at one time!

Tours are available at the Happy Jack Chalk Mine in Scotia. The mine is one of two underground diatomic mines known to have existed in the US, and the only one that is open to the public.

The world's largest exhibited elephant skeleton is a 14 foot mammoth displayed at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in Morrill Hall. It was originally found on a ranch in Lincoln County in 1992.

Oct 09

Iowa Information: Interesting Facts

Posted by elizabethnelson in Moving to Iowa


Did you know that Strawberry Point's claim to the largest strawberry has not been questioned? In 1966, the town's Jaycees created a 15 foot tall, 12.5 foot wide monument weighing 1430 lbs. That's a big berry and it is located in the center of town.


The Sergeant Floyd monument in Sioux City honors the only man to die during the Lewis and Clark expedition. Based on journals, Sgt. Floyd probably died from a ruptured appendix.


Do you know where the largest Danish population is outside of Denmark? It's Elk Horn Iowa. There is a Danish Immigrant Museum there as well

Aug 13

Auto Care in the Midwest Heat This Summer

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Did you know that the biggest cause of battery failure is summer heat? With the Historic 2012 Drought bringing triple digit heat every day, and not a drop of relief, we seldom think our car batteries are also feeling the heat. To minimize problems, clean corrosion from terminals, tighten cable connections and add distilled water. And if your battery is older than 4 years, have it tested to be on the safe side.

If you need more information on the drought, contact the National Drought Mitigation Center at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln at 402-472-6707 or email them at ndmc@unl.edu.

Aug 06

Activities for Children

Posted by elizabethnelson in Nebraska


The Omaha Children's Museum began in 1976 as a traveling workshop operating out of the back of a station wagon. The museum moved in 1989 from 18th and St Mary's Av. to its current location.

Their phone number is 402-342-6164 and the website is www.OCM.org

If you need information about other events in the area go to www.ayswelcome.com or contact us at 402-533-2217

Sep 19

Omaha & Elkhorn's hottest ArTsy place for kids & adults!

Posted by Lem in Untagged 


Omaha & Elkhorn's hottest ArTsy place for kids & adults! At Create we dabble in a little bit of everything: painting, sewing, knitting, scrapbooking, jewelry making & so much more! We offer classes, camps, private, customized events, birthday parties & best of all: our drop-in option! If you have some time and are feeling creative, stop by and choose a project to complete in our spacious workroom! Best of all, we take care of the mess!

If you're interested in a new, exciting birthday party idea for your child, Create is the place to be! Choose from one of CREATE’s crafty party themes or work with a CREATologist to customize a party as unique and cool as your child! Party packages range from $10-$20, with a five-child or $50 minimum. Check out some of the FUN party ideas that CREATE has to offer!

Create offers camps for kids during the summer and during all breaks from school, whether it be a w week-long break or simply a day off for conferences. We've developed a wide variety camp themes to appeal to every child. Full information is available at www.inspireandcreate.com

 Ladies, CREATE is NOT just for your kids! We have many wonderful jewelry, home decor and gift crafts that you can do! Think you're not crafty? No problem-that's what we're here for! We believe everyone has a creative soul that just needs a little nurturing. Any of our adult drop-in projects are wonderful options for a ladies night project. Our Ladies Nights are a great time to gather your girlfriends for a much-needed evening out! You are welcome to bring appetizers, desserts and drinks to enjoy while you craft and chat with the ladies. You'll have a hostess who will guide you through whatever craft you choose to do. You are welcome to choose a project to do as a group, or everyone can select their own craft as they arrive! 


Sep 06

Mr Rooter for all your plumbing needs

Posted by elizabethnelson in Nebraska

Check out all that Mr Rooter has to offer, whether your need is drain cleaning, emergency plumbing, 24 hour service or even tree root removal. Their introductory offer is a discount on any plumbing or drain cleaning service. Search for them on this site or visit www.omaha.mrrooter.com
Sep 06

Sawyer Car Wash Joins the welcome service in Fremont

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Sawyer Car Wash in Fremont NE is celebrating 35 years in business this year. The owners, Skip and Judy Sawyer, are dedicated to providing quality service and emphasize customer service. They are also very supportive to the welcome service and have offered to help grow and improve the packet for new movers.
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